Reviews for "The Gun Game: Redux"

this Good! :D i Like a Offense Game. its 1v1 game.... 5health its fair...

hey is not looklike the gun game 2 and 1 you can not costume your guns in the gun game 2 you can costum your guns why that suck :(

The game was pretty fun, and the unlock system wasn't hard
well here is a short guide :
I personally find using z to shoot is better then mouse, but thats personal preference
for the defense section, use a assault rifle. the assault rifle shoots fast and an push targets back, using a shotgun or carbine at lower level is also viable
for effeiency section, a pistol, shotgun or carbine will do fine, a shotgun is great if your struggling to hit, the carbine is like an upgraded pistol and can hit accurately
the offense section is the HARDEST. you cannot go head on against the opponent. a good tactic I found was to use the scorpion, since the scorpion's recoil is high, all you need to do is stay a bit lower then the opponent and shoot, the high recoil allows you to hit them while not getting hit yourself. when you run outta space at the bottom, just quickly move to the top and wait for opponent to do the same, then repeat

The hardest part of this game is the "offense" section, I have tried the last gun from every catagory, and I still end up dying in about 4 seconds. AND THIS IS ON THE FIRST ONE!

Probibly one of my best shooting games ever