Reviews for "The Gun Game: Redux"

A very bad "redux" half of the challenges are either too hard or just unplayable due to the AI being so damn hard its impossible to finish..

Not a great "Redux" of a game I liked a lot. There's a few flaws that make the game annoying in various points.
First of all, there's no such thing as "gun damage". I considered using the deagle for offense, but even with all the "more damage" unlocks, it still deals 1HP. So, your only option for offense are SMGs. The recoil is a huge help in that mode.
Second, the bullet spread. It makes the accuracy challenges excruciating, it took me 30m to get the pistols done, and I nearly nailed all the other weapons first try, except of course shotguns, where pellets can just miss your target by flying around it like a stormtrooper rifle.
It has a different style and overall presentation than the other gun games, so hey, change is very welcome... But at the cost of playability and variety?
Still, the game is not BAD, it's enjoyable. Defense and efficiency are good, most of the skill and speed challenges were actually pretty clever and fun.

I like this game, but some of the activities are tedious. The accuracy challenges get really frustrating because the bullets will randomly veer off and miss the target, and the margin of error is incredibly small if you want to get gold medal. I loved the original, this doesn't quite have the same charm, but it's still engaging.

Good game to kill time!

This would have 5 stars, if you would fix the glitch where you cant exit training.