Reviews for "The Gun Game: Redux"

It's a game for people who like an interesting challenge & like to shoot :) Otherwise known as swag

Its alright, the graphics/ style of how it is presented is cartoony and its a good contrast from the previous gun games. But the thing that made me disappointed was how you removed the physics of the bullets, the recoil of the gun and how the the bullets disappear compared the the previous games. :(


Very good game, but i think it will be better if to this game add some new type of weapons like rocket launchers and maybe future weapons - laser gun or something.

I was excited to see a third edition to Gun Game, but was a little disappointed to find what it was. The exact same thing, but shinier. Graphics don't make a great game, a great game makes a great game. And while these games may be fun, they aren't the greatest they could be. The "Campaign" and Challenges are always nice. But I was hoping for a more Gun-y effects. Stats on the weapons would be nice. As would the ability to unlock different attachments to help steady them when in use. Like a laser sight, for example, to help keep the automatics in line and not cause so much spray. There are little touches here and there that would make the game feel a little nicer.