Reviews for "Bloody Hell"

Awesome game. It's pretty fast paced and insane, but that's what makes it fun to play. Nice music as well.

good game, but it doesn't have sound for me

It's a pretty entertaining piece. I'd give it another half a star if the gun didn't stop firing if I accidentally let go of the mouse button. Heck, this may be one of the best experimental game's I've ever played.

It would get five stars for originality, but its too easy if I just stand in the corner of the screen destroying all of the angels. Since they don't come from behind, you can literally just kill them all no problem.

I Loved This Game Super Simple i Wanted To Play More But I Was Voteing For Other Games To And I Voted This For Sure I Got To 2k kills Before I Killed Myself While Shooting You Cant Hear The Music Like At All So Think That Can Be Fixed? Otherwise Great Game And Easy To Play If You Find Your Sweet Spot