Reviews for "Bloody Hell"

screen should scroll. or u should let us come out the other side when we go to the edge. otherwise, cool game

This is a very fun and simple game, its fun results in part from its simplicity in every aspect: graphics, music, gameplay and even story (or the lack of it thereof). It is good as it is, but its repeatability and lack of meaningful progress quite quickly wear the fun off. I think much more could have been made with its core idea.

its like cocaine, but without the cocaine

Well, this game IS awful fast for me to keep up with 'cause my computer is $#@%, but if it were, I WOULD definitely play this a LOT. The slow-mo thing is just a little too slow by my standards, but other than that, just look at this! The graphics are cool, the controls aren't TOO slippery, and it just... play this game, okay.

Pretty cool! made a gameplay about it going crazy!

Kenney responds:

Really cool, thanks for the video! :D