Reviews for "Bloody Hell"

Reading the other reviews, I almost feel guilty for getting 8,509-ish kills. But damn, this game kept me entertained for a nice amount. However, other than tales of the boss character, there is no incentive to keep coming back to this game, maybe one or three runs to see how much you can slaughter relentlessly before getting cocky and trying to move from one side of the screen to the other, but I can't see anyone coming back to this more than a few times. Still, good end product.

Hm, 4140 kills eh? Cool game dude!


Hide in the upper right corner, and precede to kill everything until board.

Yeah, that's definitively awesome man, love the style !

If it's made from scratch within 8 hours, I guess it's pretty nice. The recoil was annoying as shit and I had to stay in slo-mo to deal with it (I only used the recoil to move). At like 200 pts I got annoyed and though screw that, quit slo-mo and shot everything. The recoil pushed me into the top right corner from where I sprayed bullets on the enemy who was unable to harm me. At like 1300 pts I stopped resisting and died a martyrs death.
What I'm trying to say is that this game has some potential but to reach it, you gotta do a lot of work.