Reviews for "Bloody Hell"

1688 2nd attempt

pretty bare bones atm
needs upgrades and boss battles to keep us interested but not bad for a game made only in 8 hours


As Random360 stated, when you stand in a corner you can fend them all off,true.
Slomo-Mechanic is good so far, i just think its way too irritating to have blinking angels still fading in and out in slomo,so you never know what hits you,you cant prepare yourself in any way. Maybe let them port to the left or the right,but dont let them completly dissappear.It gets shear luck then for the player in the middle :-)

Step 1. Stand in corner.
Step 2. hold mouse button.
Step 3. Fall asleep.
Step 4. Profit.

Well. What to say.
It's a nice, small game that is fairly fun, despite its repetitiveness. It did however, make up for that with the Slow motion effect. I liked that. There's not that much more to say, other than it's a good game. Well done. 4 stars for you.

Dance Party...

~Jack 'Dexxa' Tansley.