Reviews for "Waddle Antarctic"

A fun little RPG! Though it's mostly text-based, it was still surprisingly addicting. Plenty of generic battle/buy/upgrade features that get you hooked a while, all of them without too much clicking or waiting required to get through, and some entertaining events along with the generics, like dumpster diving, turning into a mermaid etc. I like how you can change color by clicking the Penguin too, small unmentioned features like that makes it all the more interesting to click around and see what happens.

Only feature I'm missing is: how much money you currently have being displayed in the places where you can pay to do certain things (Armory, Weaponry, Alchemist, Gym, etc). Would be nice with some feedback when you save too, like a message telling you: the game has been saved. Nifty little game overall, and new features might add some continued playability!


JackAstral responds:

Thanks for the suggestions- I've added them in now!

That was interesting time killer. Thanks.

It could use some sound effects when hit, get hit, die, buy something.

It could use less clicking as well, because the actions. I mean less steps. The fight system could have at least 1 less click. I played on mute because I wanted to go fast, and the button sound kind of got in my nerves.

My index finger hurts, but that's ok hahah


JackAstral responds:

Thanks! Ahah I'll try too cut down the clicking a bit in the next patch

Other than the constant grinding its a good game. I got most of the achievements. I liked it.

JackAstral responds:

Thanks man! I'll try too tone down the grinding a bit in the next patch!