Reviews for "Waddle Antarctic"

I LOVE IT its funny when you drink beer or whisky.

Good game, maybe add speed stat cause if you only upgrade attack from the beggening and do a lots of wish money and buy the best sword, you will never lose (dont go to 50 when you are 5 whit the best sword, think a little bit of how many damage you does and how many hp the oppenent have) So i am still at 12 hp 1 defense but a lots of attack and farm the level 50

1,410,065,408 the highest score ┬┐How is it possible they gain level so fast? in general the game is fun (only that bug or hack of the levels, please correct)

Yes. Yes indeed!

Fun and creative fighting game about a penguin. You should make a sequel.
The medals work, and I earned them all.