Reviews for "Waddle Antarctic"

Cool game :D
Well, would be more awesome if you include attacks animations :/
But well, I like it

I don't get it what does "All ever you wanted" and "Spirit" medals means, how to get them D:?

quite fun but i alredy got to Level 25 and have all the swords and Shields. it deffintly needs to be harder. i got all the bagdes expt the last one i Wonder where this golden astronaut token could be hmm

Games really fun, maybe add an option to change the penguin color in an update? Most of the time i find the golden astronaut token, this one was pretty easy. HINT: Maybe someone tossed it in the dumpster?

Really fun game, though still couldn't find the golden token, and I agree with VstDez that the user ZotFotPik used some kind of cheat to get 999,999,999, because well, I guess I don't need to explain it.