Reviews for "The Boneless"

I guess I'm not patient enough to beat your (alleged) boss. Maybe it's even better, since the last stage I reached was the half-naked guy shooting his synth grenade launcher.

Just to be serious for a moment, after reading the author description I expected this game to be a cheap joke, and yet it proved to be a well done shooter. It would be so nice if it were expanded into a full game with levels, power-ups, sub-bosses, and so on.

As a response to a comment below: no, it DOES NOT need a health meter. Back in the 90s we didn't need a health meter, kid.

aguaoxigenada responds:

To say the truth, this game did start as a joke and of course it would be awesome to do a full game. I just did it to make fun of my office partners while I was learning to use Stencyl. Cool that you liked it!

A heath bar for the boss would be nice, I cant see when he dies!!

Boring. No enemy hp bar.

What a boss!^^

I enjoy the art, i hope this game get good reviews beacus i can't stop playing