Reviews for "The Boneless"

Is there some reason we cannot move up/down AND left/right at the same time?

This is fun, funny and highly challenging. Plus, the controls are simple and great!

It'll take me a while to get all the medals. Must practice, practice, practice!

Nunca pense que llegaria a leer "Relaja el chorizo" aqui en Newgrounds xDDD gracias por el buen momento

aguaoxigenada responds:

Tu comentario nos hizo cagar de la risa "literalmente", jajaja, no mentira eso seria terrible. Lo pusimos en nuestra fan page en honor a lo genial que nos parecio: http://goo.gl/ZSvt3g

I dont usually enjoy the kind of game where you hardly enjoy anyting, but i think the stories were very fun, probably understanding spanish makes it better...

absolutely terrible im sorry if your going to make a game this hard you need to give us more then one hit you need a life bar you need the different characters to have a different weapon each you need power ups and you need lives so if you die you can progress from where you died three lives then its game over not to mention your characters have no differences between them besides the colours of there outfits this is uncreative this is overly harsh even metroid and castlevania had contiunes and so did ghosts and goblins your game is worse then that you need to take this game to the drawing board or give it to a hacking website where it could make it fair

aguaoxigenada responds:

We all enjoy the comment...we even put it in our fanpage :D
Just a reminder: Hold Down SPACE, Z or Left Click to use your special power!!! I
Promise you will hate it even more brou.