Reviews for "The Boneless"

Hey, quite good!

I loved it. A funny shooter, the old style ones i like so much, with charged blasts, different characters and the like. Gameplay wise, I liked it.

But what I like most is the joke with your colleagues. I love this "inside joke" games, it shows how much you and your colleagues get along and I have fun in turn, almost empathically xD

They must have laughed A LOT when they played this game xD

Btw, animation and drawing style was quite good for a beginner! Let's say astounding, even! I love your style a lot. Jokes, Fun gameplay, not too serious, and THE BEGINNING SONGS AND INTROS LOL HOW I LAUGHED WITH Cyrus M--- ah, can't say it, spoiler.

But I loved it, really. Rant over, keep it up. I'm gonna check back for more. xD

aguaoxigenada responds:

Hey thanks!! I didn't do the art, some graphic design yeah, but the artists were dunahan and Shackhal, check them on the credits&info section before they kick my ass for robbing them their credit, jeje.

It's a good effort, but...1 hit? Really?

This game needs development and it could be more enjoyable.

Great game and it gave me a lot of traumas :)

Quelle déception que ce jeu! Je me faisais une telle joie de retrouver un bon je de shoot horizontal comme on a pu en trouver par le passé sur newgrounds mais non... il s'agit d'un boss fight. La jouabilité est correcte mais aurait pu être plus nerveuse surtout si l'on doit faire des esquives. De plus les bullets ne sont pas très reconnaissable ce qui peut au départ faire penser à des bonus. Mais une fois que l'on se rends compte que l'on a pas de bonus, le jeu devient aussi assez lassant... dommage car ce jeu me faisais grandement saliver durant l'écran de chargement.

my video experience: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATjfIUs5t_s

aguaoxigenada responds:

Yeah it would have been be nice to have done a complete game with levels and different bosses ("not just a boss fight"), but the intend of this game was only to make a joke at my workplace, didn't intended to submit it here, but once my co-workers saw it, I got convinced.