Reviews for "The Boneless"

What is love?

aguaoxigenada responds:

Baby, don't hurt me !!!


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We design hateful things brou...

A pretty fun game, I tend to like extended boss battles. The one hit deaths and lack of healthbars are a bit annoying, but I'm guessing that you were trying to emulate the classic Nintendo games which are known for that sort difficulty.

aguaoxigenada responds:

Thanks for the comment brou !!!
It was a gift to my coworkers...and a good way to stress them was the one hit death and no health bars.

While not the best of games, I really did enjoy this. It's mostly because it's easy to understand. I appreciate the sounds and designs. It seems like everything is about "Attack On Titan" recently. I even managed to get some medals! I will admit it was a bit redundant.

It did really motivate you to work harder. You got 0 points for everything! I assume you get some if you kill the monster. I'm not sure if the projectiles count as enemies. I mean, you can destroy them.

As a joke game it comes across at 3.5/-4 out of 5.

As an actual game it's more along the lines of a 3, you get 1 life. Even most 90's games didn't get you that hard of a time and those that did also let you build up some before that one. Here you are facing something with what seems like basics vs a ohko, got to stage 2 and got bored since all it takes it 1 hit and oh look back to 0. Really inspires me to keep playing.

The few saving graces came from the music and the jokes beyond that..it's eh.

aguaoxigenada responds:

Yeah, that’s true. I made the game difficult on purpose so my office friends could suffer!! I thought on bringing down the difficulty before I submit it here, but then mysteriously I heard Ziggy Marley’s song "True To Yourself" in my head and just decided to leave it as is.