Reviews for "Super Rad Awesome"

Awesome game had a look at your website, looks awesome might go back once i have money. played the other game too: cult classic. Great job! Love the humour in it aswell

It's a neat idea for a game, I love the art style and all, but follow on twitter, really? -1.5 for shameful social media plug

Great game, and very fun even when I had a bit of a challenge finding some of the characters. The artwork was good, and the scene itself was funny and so detailed that I found something new every time I scrolled the screen.The only downside, as many people have pointed out, is that many people do not have Twitter, and since it is not part of the gameplay that seems like a bad way to get people to visit your page.

The art is amazing, but i can't find the twitter button

For some reason this game reminds me of the book Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.