Reviews for "Super Rad Awesome"

Great game, I love all the references and nostalgia, I found ALMOST everything. Taking off a star for you uncanny ability of hiding the link to your twitter.

The game itself isn't that interesting butt music is fucking rad...

This was a fun I spy game. All the brands, heroes, T.V shows and much more...it's like seeing all my favourite childhood shows/brands mashed up with my current favourites! :-)

Wonderful game, though I find that pixel artworks are a bit straining to my eyes.

Awful shit.

When I first looked at this I was... wondering what I got into.
But then... all the references! I mean goodness gracious!
It that a little Bob Ross!?
The Power Glove?!
Even the fricken Green Giant is included in this compilation?!

This is absolutely adorable...
And the scene is seriously sick! <3