Reviews for "Super Rad Awesome"

If you want to get the twitter achievement, in the loading screen, before clicking ''play'', just click the twitter button, it doesn 't matter if you don 't have a twitter, you gain the achievement just clicking it.
This should reduce the negative feedback.
You made an EXCELLENT world with all that pixelart, I would never imagine that level of imagination to create that art masterpiece (also, thanks for the free achievements ;) )
From Argentina, approving this ''find-and-click-themed'' game, I salute you, Greetings!! :D
_Keep Going_

Bravo! That was AWESOME! Fantastic work and kudos to you!


I feel so uncultured.

Got every single achievment
( •_•)
( •_•)>⌐□-□

This was a great game, but...
I've got all the medals in the game, and I still haven't unlocked the find EVERYTHING achievement.
Unless I actually have to click on everything in the entire picture..?