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Reviews for "My Friend Pedro: Arena"

In this game they shouldn't have brought guns to a knife fight.

I give it a sold 3.5, although it is a good game and all I don't like the fact that the enemies can shoot you from the other side of the map when you cannot see them, makes it impossible to dodge so many shots coming at once.

tough but awesome game!

Damn, I don't know why this thing was so slow on my computer. I couldn't hurt anything. Well, at least I couldn't hit anything to get a medal. Yes, that's the only reason I'm playing this! It just seemed way too slow. I had little mobility.

I still have to give you props for having some good graphics. I appreciate how it is pretty creative. I couldn't tell where my guns were aiming half the time. The sounds seemed good enough. The music was fine as well.

Nice game.
Would be more fun if we could adjust the controls.