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Reviews for "My Friend Pedro: Arena"

Love the game. Best shooting game that i played. Hope there a next one man. Also love the gun we have. Wish it was a adventure game too.

I really love this game, really! I give this a 5 (a rare rating), because, the mechanism of slow motion makes the game stand out, if you know what I mean. The matrix-like game really connects well with the action and shooter theme! This game isn't like those games where you just shoot people and unlock levels, you need to save up the currency to unlock a level. This game was really well-developed!

This game is awezome!Nice work on the ragdoll effects and the slow-mo.Also the killing animations look real so ITS AWEZOME!

moar slow motion shooty killy stabby banana massacres!

Oh my, I was hoping for more of this. Epic!