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Reviews for "My Friend Pedro: Arena"

DEADTOAST THERE IS AN EXPLOIT THE KNIF IS A INSTA KILL AND IF YOU GO IN THE FIRTST LEVEL ABOVE WITH THE 2 DOORS YOU JUST CAN SPAM THE KNIFES AND GET KILLS. pls fix and sorr ycaps lock just to make this more artractive so you can notice it sorry if this is wrong

Banana Matrix legit confirmed :3

This game has bugs and I cant get my medals

I am very glad to see a sequel for the game. Although I am late to view it, because I didn't even hope for any sequel. Anyway, straight to the cons:
1. Between-doors camping on the first level. I took my knife and just stood there for like 20 minutes and killing enemies coming out of both doors. I received 2101813 total score in result. 2412 coupons as well. This is not very good as enemies just come and come and players may grind on this level. You should fix this.
2. Only seven levels makes even the most matrix parkour fun boring after some time. There should be a level editor or something.
3. I would like to see even more weapons and a bit of customization. As I said before, the game is enough for only like two hours of fun.
Summary: Please update this game or make another sequel. I am (im)patiently waiting

DeadToast responds:

I'll be happy to let you know that a proper sequel is in the making :D Follow DeadToast on Facebook or Twitter to find out about any updates!

I wish that there was more customisations, weapons & other things like Madness: Project Nexus did. but all in all.... good game.