Reviews for "Mercurial Story"

Great game. Not a unique concept, but very well done, and with a great premise! I think it's a good metaphor for mood, and especially the diseases that affect it. The bonus levels weren't impossible; just the right amount of challenging.

That was actually a lot of fun. The music fit so perfectly. Thanks for making this game.

Moral of the story, the cat totally wins over the girlfriend. Which is the same moral of Molkman's game "The Visit", so it must be true. Which it is. Really. I'm not being sarcastic here. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some pills to take. No, just kidding about that. I've seen a lot of games like this before. There was one I played where you and your reflection are shown at the top and bottom half and you can jump off objects that are in the top half and not in the bottom, and your reflection is shown jumping off of thin air, and other objects are only on the bottom, and the top you is shown jumping off of thin air. Then I've seen gravity like this, like in "Babies Dream" and others. So it's nothing too original, but I guess it's ok. Though I find myself not liking the protagonist. He's an asshole who treats people like shit for no particular obvious reason and retreats into drugs and the resolution to this is... there is no resolution. To quote Homer Simpson, "Well excuse me for having enormous flaws that I don't work on. "

Not too hard, but not easy enough to make you feel disappointing. After a score of 30/7/18 I can say it was worth it. It has a good story, sometimes a little buggy like crashing in a wall and not being able to leave or the medals not working, but I think you made quite a good game.

I really like this game! The design and the idea of it is great!