Reviews for "Mercurial Story"

Riding the boxes in the bonus stage... argh.

Liked how the music would change when you passed the line.

I really liked this game, and think it was really well put together, but honestly it felt a bit derivative. There have been other pixel platformers that attempt to fuse messages and meaning with gameplay, and nothing about this story seemed much better than those (I'm talking Depict1, The Company of Myself, etc.).

Also the music stank. But not many games keep my attention to the end, so I look forward to your next game! :)

I really like the game. The way it plays with the gravity in different "worlds", and the states of the protagonist are really interesting. But, I have to say that I had a problem. I think there is a bug when I jump in determinated places, because the protagonist get into the walls, and walk into them but I can't do anything, so I have to restart the level. MAYBE it's something that I didn't understood and I can use it to my benefit, but I don't think so.

At least, I liked the game. It's interesting and pretty.

Great game. Not a unique concept, but very well done, and with a great premise! I think it's a good metaphor for mood, and especially the diseases that affect it. The bonus levels weren't impossible; just the right amount of challenging.

Repetitive music but really heartwarming story! :D