Reviews for "Mercurial Story"

This game has touched me because I am currently facing such weird behaviors, some days I am happy and productive other days I am sad and lazy. The only different thing is that nobody understand me :(

19 minutes, 20 deaths and 7 resets later, I can state that I really enjoyed every aspect of this game.

I was disappointed that all of the levels were simple and pretty much the same thing until the last four "hardcore" levels. Each new level, I was hoping for something more to be done with the gravity flipping mechanic - something creative or different or interesting - but there was nothing. Even the hardcore levels weren't much better since they only introduced one new thing - boxes, which are themselves uninteresting and overused in platformer games.

I liked the art style. The sprites are cute and fresh and very solid. The only problem I had in this department was that the spikes in the Anger side look very similar to the Anger side bushes/plants. Same outline, same color, same saturation, etc. Design wise, the decorative sprites shouldn't look anything like important gameplay sprites like the spikes.

For me it was awesome. Great use of the movement

Very entertaining, well-made game! The graphics are cute and the levels are just challenging enough to keep things interesting without being too frustrating. I especially liked the bonus levels!