Reviews for "Mercurial Story"

I really liked this game, and think it was really well put together, but honestly it felt a bit derivative. There have been other pixel platformers that attempt to fuse messages and meaning with gameplay, and nothing about this story seemed much better than those (I'm talking Depict1, The Company of Myself, etc.).

Also the music stank. But not many games keep my attention to the end, so I look forward to your next game! :)

This was fun! :D
I could go into details but in short it's: Perfecto! 10/10

I like the games idea of happy and angry and how half if upside down. But during the third level I somehow glitched into the left bottom wall and some pills are a bit too hard to get so 3 stars.

Riding the boxes in the bonus stage... argh.

Liked how the music would change when you passed the line.

This is a very fun little game, I enjoyed the story almost as much as I enjoyed the mechanics. Other than a few minor bugs ( these are addressed by giving the player a reset "R" button. ) and a story line that seemed to be a very long run-on sentence. I can honestly say that this game is a great way to kill ten or fifteen minutes!