Reviews for "Chompy"

A great simple game with good idea and appropriate music for the game theme. Only thing that bothers me is maybe too much of simplicity. The game lacks more levels like last one and it's pretty easy to acquire gold stars. That's why I'm giving you 4.5 stars.

I hope that part 2 will be more challenging and even more fun.

It's a AWESOME GAME!!!! i give it 4.5 stars good job.

Very enjoyable, easy to get a hang of, and very addictive! The medals and gold times prolonged the game instead of just have users zip through, collecting coins at their own pace; we had to come up with faster routes! Which was fantastic. I liked the nostalgia of the DK soundtrack, especially when collecting coins on the ladders. My only problem was that sometimes it didn't register when pushing down and dropping to a lower level, sometimes I had to double-push. Regardless, still a great game :D

Good game man! but i think the gold time it a beat too easy to get.

This game is very good. It has a great design, and other things which we will now go into.

The music is very catchy, and will most likely leave it stuck in a majority of the players head. It suits the overall bouncy and cheery theme of the game as well. Also, the music is very clear. Even while I was experiencing a bit of lag the music remained in its pristine state.

One thing I enjoyed alot about this game is the progression is amazing. It does an amazing job at slowly increasing the difficulty, while still providing a challenge. I recall one of the final levels an area where the fireballs with legs blended into coins, which was a great example of a challenge trying to dodge them. Also, its very good that all the mechanics (e.g the drop down platforms, ladders) stayed in the game consistently, whereas on other games I usually see a new concept, but it just straight up stops appearing after its debut. The game isn't too difficult as well, so it won' make too many rage.

The graphics are very good, and suit the gameplay and music. Yeah I dont know much about graphics and such so thats all I can really say.

Chompy is a great game with several interesting features. It also has a bit of comedy such as one of the level transitions being "tears of joy". I then realized you were referencing crocodile tears and just went "ohhhhhh". The overall gameplay is great and everything compliments eachother.

WolveGames. suVrik, camoshark, and Step did a great job on this game.

GuyUngerNL responds:

hey, thanks a lot for the in depth review!
I was also very satisfied by steps work here. He did a really amazing job with the music.
I'm glad you enjoyed playing it. Thanks again!