Reviews for "Chompy"

This was one fast-paced game! Fast-paced in a good way, no a difficult and tasking way but with a speed that feels challenging and fun. Love the jazzy music, the slick controls, and the en-richening intensity of each level. Long time since I played a game like this that I just ran from start to finish without moving my eyes from the screen. It's addicting!


Very good, very fun, even though very short. Loved it. Got all the medalz. 10/10 game

Level 7 Gold Medal is glitched, or something. I got 4.8 on it my first time through. Displayed a Golden crown above it. However I did not have the medal. Re-did it, and got 4.1, and was given the medal. Also sometimes the music glitches, and freezes up if you tab out of the window. Those issues aside. It was a fun little game. The music was fitting since I immediately thought of King K Rool from DKC when I saw the lil guy. XD Anyways very nice looking game. Had a lot of fun with it.

5 Stars

Loved so much this game!! :D collected all medals xD