Reviews for "Chompy"

This was a very fast paced game. It was fun just to see that crocodile run around everywhere. The sound effects were really funny too. It was like a scratched record or something. I didn't know you lived upon not getting the gold. You just didn't get the medal.

For a lot of people, that's just as bad. It was hard to be precise in some moments. I'd definitely recommend this. You really do challenge yourself by trying to get the medals. It just keeps going and doing.

The game is great and I love it. The only problem is that unless you have a computer better than average, like an older model desktop or laptop, then the game lags horribly even on the lowest quality and screen shake settings making it very difficult to play.

Great, beautiful game, very worthy of a smartphone market counterpart if it doesn't already exist. I would suggest selling it for a dollar on the Play Store, you'd be surprised at how well this would sell. I really like it, it's fun, energetic, and just so enjoyable! There are some glitches still, which I find odd for such a simple game, but not bad. :)

All achievments !!! GG very nice game :)

Donkey kong music?
I know its a remix but is this allowed?

Good game nonetheless Remind me alot of Battleblock Theatre.