Reviews for "Chompy"

great quick game

Goddamn I love this. This game is a perfect example of taking simple mechanics and making them fucking juicy. I love all the visual energy going on here; so much output for minimal user input. It just feels so good to play :)

While the platformer mechanics here are pretty standard fare, the graphics just look so great it doesn't even bother me. Great work !

Just loved it. Also got all the achievements. The last level was the most challenging.

Awesome game! Not too hard to get gold times - most levels you just need to collect the coins in the right order and time your jumps not to get flamed!!! Some levels you can even shortcut across the top of screen...

Love the visual style, it really pops! Even the mad shaking screen (when it shakes, I'm thinking "RAWR"). Music is fantastic - never gets old, and goes along with the game nicely.

When I first loaded this game it lagged horribly - so I updated my flash player, and that fixed it (LOL - it was a tiny version change - stupid Adobe writing in bugs that they only have to fix).

Chompy made me smile, so 5 GOLD stars for you!

GuyUngerNL responds:


Giving this 5 stars for the music and the fact that this was a pretty solid game..a few 'screw you' levels to go through, but not too challenging. Finally a game with a proper amount of medals for those trying to collect them.