Reviews for "Chompy"

Loved that game, was cute and just the right amount of tricky it was supposed to be. :D

Excellent and fun. Simple premise, handled extremely well. Everything a flash game aspires to.

Story: (N/A)
A funny little blurb being all we get, and clearly nothing more than to set the premise of the game. Not intended to be a major point, so I won't factor it into the overall score.

Mechanics: (5/5)
Outstanding in every way. Movements are smooth and intuitive, preventing the player from getting hung up on some silly difficult jump. Not to say that some jumps don't require precision, but they don't require a punishing amount of it. Screwing up is easy to fix - just alter your path, or hop a little more or less, or remember to jump over that one fireball. The difficulty curve is tough without being frustrating, requiring competency rather than perfection.

Soundtrack: (5/5)
Familiar, but revamped DK music feels appropriate and doesn't overshadow or distract from what's going on. It fades and returns at just the right times, and flows from one piece to another - or loops, as far as I can tell - without any jarring transitions. Sound effects are appropriate and easily distinguishable, with nothing particularly grating or repetitive.

Graphics: (4/5)
Charmingly retro without the common pitfalls. Only major issue here is the difficulty in distinguishing between cannon shots and the walking fireballs when you're trying to imitate a supersonic jet using a crowned crocodile.

Technical: (4/5)
Standard volume and graphics quality options, nothing special present or needed - and the screen shake slider was a nice touch. There were, however, a couple of times I wasn't able to adjust the quality slider for whatever reason. It fixed itself without a refresh - which, I must say, speaks very well of your code - but was a little distracting and forced me to use the right-click to change qualities when things started picking up. There were also a few lag issues during later levels with so much going on, even at minimum quality.

Overall: (5/5)
Superb. The big things are polished to a mirror shine, and the little things give the game character many similar ones lack. The little lines when you start a level, the ease of retry, the barely-contained energy of an idle Chompy, etc. Challenging without being infuriating, familiar without being repetitive, and best of all, genuinely fun.

yess thanks for easy 405 points haha

Yay! Donkey Kong Country music! Really Good Game! =D

Very good, very fun, even though very short. Loved it. Got all the medalz. 10/10 game