Reviews for "Fort Fight"

Get's two stars, makes front page.

The controls were wonky, the concept wasn't all that, art was good, voice acting was good, intro was good and humorous, but the game itself wasn't too great.

Good voice acting, but the game is less useful then crap

Potatoman responds:


1 star for the voice acting and the humor at the beggining but god the soundeffects are bad. I don't if it was intentional but pls ameliore it.

Terrible controls is what really kills this game. If polished, the game could actually be pretty fun. You have more space to fly around but all the enemies are near the ground where you constantly crash because the controls are a bit too sensitive. More time to kill the enemies at the beginning to level up your weapon, would be better. The hit detection is not very good either. It's not fun to watch your bullets go directly through the middle of enemies without the slightest sign of damage only to crash into the ground because you're trying to maneuver around to shoot the enemies that are near impossible to hit. Also, I've never played a game where you lose any experience you've gained from kills for absolutely no reason other than time passing without getting a kill. That just seems like a terrible idea. Especially since it's difficult to kill things to begin with.

I get that this was done in a short amount of time, and that's cool, but it seems like more effort was put into the intro then into the actual gameplay.

The graphics & voice acting in the intro show a lot of work went into this...

Sadly, the game bugs, replays the intro endlessly, goes darkscreen when I click the instruction button... and seeing as I'm using the latest Firefox, I'm pretty sure it's not the HTML5 implementation, it's your code that's the issue.

I recommend testing your work on more than 1 machine, and in several browsers on each machine, before posting.

Better luck next time.