Reviews for "Fort Fight"

Not bad, not bad at all.

The main flaw about the game is probably that the up and down keys are the wrong way round, it should probably be 'up' to tilt up, and 'down' to tilt town, not the other way round, it would be less confusing.

Overall, a pretty decent game, good luck on any future projects you guys could make :]


The graphics are pretty nice and the game runs smoothly.
But the controls are outright terrible. Getting used to them is not as difficult, but they are way! too sensitive. Pressing a button results in the plane turning some 20°. This makes it v e r y difficult to shoot opponents.
Don't mind me, though, because I believe there's always gamers out there who are up for ANY challenge, but me, I like the controls a bit more... careful.
Not too much else to be said, since this ruined the game for me and I couldn't continue, yet.
Thanks, BSE

it's buggy in Firefox ( latest ) Definitely needs skip intro button, most people I know don't give a crap about game intros.

The good stuff, it looks OK and it seems like a good game, but I did encounter some guggy behavior and I kept losing control of my plane. Also, one time I died the game just froze and I couldn't continue

A very good game , I like the gameplay , I expect the perfection and happiness.

Control scheme takes a bit to get used too. And the whole bit about the flying car made me laugh.

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