Reviews for "Fort Fight"

Actually, I thought this was a decent game. If there were more enemies, maybe we might get better at the controls (or all get frustrated). I didn't find them too bad, actually, and got the hang of them after the first couple tries. I really liked the story telling and stuff though, so I don't think this game deserves a low score, since it's actually quite well done.

Wow ! Did you make this game just to Troll us? This game is unplayable... it WOULD be a 5 star if you could actually move the plane.. 2 stars now and if you fix it i ll turn it into a 5

The game seems fun. The intro is pretty good the music is a nice touch.

The controls are horrid. They are 100% the sole reason I will not be playing this game. It's like the game was designed in mind with a special kind of controller and it's extremely un-user friendly when it comes to any average gamer.

I barely can kill 3 things and then it's like oh derp you've turned around with no way to fix oh well start over. It's extremely just meh. If it wasn't such an issue the game might be a lot higher in score.

Amazing intro. Loved it. The gameplay, less so sadly. Very hard to aim/control the plane.

Its a nice game, but the controls are so difficult to work i dont even want to put forth the effort to try to play it more. the story element was great, but in my eyes the gameplay defeated this game's good aspects