Reviews for "Fort Fight"

Nice attempt... I give you cudos for trying. But between the unintuitive controls, overly sensitive controls, Crash physics that make no since, and graphics I could have put together with a commodore 64, this game fails on all sides.... sorry, better luck next time.

Potatoman responds:

I will be expecting a game made with a Commodore 64 in 4 months.

The intro was pretty funny and the game has a good concept. The only thing that I recommend to change is to keep all your levels and upgrades after you die.

Absolute shit. Controls are terrible. Sound becomes horribly garbled after a few deaths/resets.

"If we get good reviews we might make a Update for it :)" - FAT CHANCE. That's like those whores on YouTube who promise better content after begging and pleading for likes/subscribes and don't deliver.

There is no reason for flipping the plane. None. Plane controls are too sensitive in that just tapping up/down makes the weapon angle change dramatically, so while I'm flying directly at something I'm aiming up and down and watch bullets fly above and below. Targets are incredibly small in that regard.

Leveling up the weapon is horrid. Trying to shoot those little fat floating guys first is hard enough, but if they zip away and you don't get them you're stuck with a slow-firing gun that has to hit pin-point targets (mines) in the hopes of leveling, which can take many tries. The boss is stupid in that it takes a few deaths just to figure out what to do or how to win. Oh, but it gets so much better.

I decided to save the girlfriend. Game over. Credits. Start over. Play again? HA! No goddamn chance in hell. Extorting good reviews so you "might" update it... good grief.

A charming intro, but the gameplay is seriously lacking.

What?!? UP to go DOWN?? ...and down to go up? ><
So I tried playing flying upside down! :p

...but it was still very hard to aim well, when even a light tap shifts the bullet's trajectory by +15°... I needed a long distance to try place myself right and still missed. To break those bomb walls, I needed like +10 passages... like 90% of my bullets were misses.
It was easy to avoid the shooting targets by doing a U-turn, they would go away... but then I wouldn't get any exp to level up.
Maybe if it had bigger targets and/or start off with n°2 bullets? idk.

Maybe it's all a browser issue but I can easily imagine that if I didn't have the above problems this could be a fun game.

PS: Tried with the latest Chrome and Firefox. FF worked actually better!