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Reviews for "Rogue Soul 2"

to be honest i liked the game... yet it got me a little bit frustrated how moving back is slow and shit
especially when you need to free the old guy, but i guess it's all apart of the challenge

High quality games like always and this one is in my opinion the best (Rogue Soul with a lot of content)

I guess i don't have to list the positive points because they are already clear. Still it has some negative points in my view. The backgrounds are just a bit boring and the game gets sometimes repetitive. Don't get me wrong, this game has a lot of variety thanks to the challenges, bossfights new mechanics so it's way better than Rogue Soul 1. But still it gets sometimes quick old.

It's hard to think of your character as the Dashing Rogue archetype when he keeps saying douchey words like "bro" and "Dude" with that fucking grin on his face

I was just thinking of replaying the first one when I checked the fresh games and noticed this.
Happyness level over 9000!

Really enjoyed the first Rogue Soul game (played it nonstop until finally completing) and am doing it again for the sequel! Kudos to SoulGame for all the effort!

Blue Cosmic