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Reviews for "Rogue Soul 2"

The intro was funny Nice game soulgame
also is there going to be rouge 3?


My faith in humanity restored. ^^ Congratulations SoulGame! Your uncompromising standards, craftsmanship of the highest level, and superhuman dedication never fail to inspire.

Excellent game. Music fits perfectly the theme of the game. The game awards players who are trying to perfect their moves and get awarded with awesome character and weapon skins! I like how this game doesn't take itself too seriously which I personally enjoy. The upgrades are well-thoughout without making the game too easy. It has the perfect balance of fun and challenge which is must for replayability factor. The character's movement is spot-on and requires the player to think more of their actions. The bonus challenges aren't too hard and they are actually quite the fun. The mechanics of this game are impressively well thought too! All the different movements are smartly placed and done exceptionally well. The map design of the levels is even better than expected. Every time you reset the level you failed it randomizes it's enemy and obstacle placement and brings a ton of breath of fresh air. Overall, this game is a masterpiece and it's an excellent all-around for casual, semi-serious and hardcore players. You get my 5/5 sir!
I really hope this flash game gets a sequel, because this game is something that shouldn't be left on.

SoulGame responds:

It definitely won't be left on! Thanks a lot for your amazing review. We're already thinking about how to make something better :)

you're amazing my friend Rogue Soul 1 was pretty good but it made way for Rogue Soul 2,it is amazing i've beat the game,got quite alot of achievements on here but i find it kind of tricky to control i cannot wait to see what Rogue Soul 3 will bring :)

SoulGame responds:

Thank you :)