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Reviews for "Rogue Soul 2"

i like this gamer very much! its a little hard for me butt still ok

Seriously, one of the best games on Newgrounds so far. I'm not sure if this is a glitch or not, but I had 96% and when I came back it dropped to 90%. It says I have to buy everything in the shop including the coliseum but when I go the the map the coliseum is still there with my progress intact. The survival progress somehow got deleted and I can't use certain moves like double jump, jumping and pressing down doesn't work as well. I find weird because a few hours ago everything was fine and now it isn't working properly. I also noticed you removed one of the medal (100 kills I believe?) you said you were working on it so it's fine. The other medals are working great for me. Now I got a question, do I have to wait for the problem to be fix or do I have to delete my data and do everything again?

1 of the BEST online flashes EVER made!

its one of the best hack and slash games i have ever played and the boss theme makes me not want to beat the boss its so epic!

SoulGame responds:

Thanks I appreciate your comment! Put a lot of effort composing it :)

Nice continuation on the first on i loved the story-like missions, the challenges and the good old survival. The difficulty is greater than the first game and for that i give you a high five, hard game are awesome. The only thing that i miss from the first one is the lots of mini challenges you had to do to ''decorate'' the den, i loved them and never did completed them all (next stop, rogue soul 1) but overall the game is awesome and follow up perfectly. i hope for rogue soul 3!

SoulGame responds:

Thanks for the review. We also miss the loot den, but it took 1 complete month of development for RS1... And also not all players found that enjoyable so we tried to use that time to add instead lot of new content in Challenge, Campaign objective and Arena.