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Reviews for "Infectonator : Survivors"

Addictive stuff, can't wait for the full version!

I also liked the easter eggs, and little references to popular Youtube personalities (Clint and Freddie ftw!) and other video games (Gordon Freeman's Crowbar).

People have commented on the difficulty but I found it to be ok, a gun and run approach worked particularily well for me. Once you have upgraded your weapons and leveled up a few times, most missions can be soloed fairly easy, allowing you to get more done each day.

A few problems I had were (As previously mentioned by other posters), the revival system, a lot of the time a character would start to die just before I was about to transition to the next screen, forcing me to leave them behind, halfway through a revival attempt. A option to continue on to the next area would probabally be better, rather than automatically advancing.

Secondly I noticed in the options menu there were boxes to toggle autopause and grid on/off but they don't actually seem to work. Am I to assume this will be implemented in the full version, or have I just stumbled on to a bug?

toge-games responds:

Thank you for playing!

Yeah the transition thing needs to be tweaked. Thanks again for the feedback.

Some features are only available for the PC version, sorry

zombies go to hell

As soon as I saw this on the front page, I thought "Whoops, left some alive." Love your previous Infectonator games. Whelp, time to play this, wrote the review when I opened the page.

Wooooooow >.< It's so addictive, I play it almost everyday even though I've found out that you can never go pass the 20 days and that the game ends once u travel too. =_= But I'm already so attuned to it, I look for it once I open newgrounds. GREAT game!

I'm still a student, so buying games is not the best option yet.
So, sorry can't support you yet! But please keep up the good work @_@ I love your infectonator series. It's so incredibly addictive.

this game is awesome but the controls are trolling me D: