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Reviews for "Infectonator : Survivors"

For a Alpha I find it really fun, and I'm looking forward to playing the full version.

as some have mentioned the commands are sometimes unresponsive. I have on 3 different runs tried that when I go back to the shop/peddler/man that sells stuff, that when its time for a screen change it doesn't happen. In the sense that I can't see the new layout but it's still happening and I have to survive by luck and no strong zeds arrive.

But it's fun I look forward to the finished game

I've hit lvl 3 and already bought the good and the bad team, but still have a gem left over, is there anything else left to get yet? Will more stuff be updated into the game? Or is stuff like that only to be in the paid version?

Level 2.6 and still ongoing here
-awesome music
-gameplay: very potential in varying aspects
-difficulty: can be more improved through terrain-ing
-Development&Enhancement: could have a wider buff-able stats for gearing
Max Scavenge>skip timer wave 1>tower>scavenge>skip timer>scavenge>salvage turret>next phase>spam assault rifle for each survivor>Max Speed>roundabout bosses> leave last hit>scavenge everything> finish boss>next phase>Max Hp> equiq full range> limit point! (melee has been kickout).
sadly resources are limited, and day 11 is all i can reach, i have hard time deploying missiles as well, its not easy that for sure...
tips: with assault rifle you can move while reloading unlike your starting weapon, glock
and also female is not a role, asumming its some 'gender thingy' of how you thought about girls in real life xD

Very cool! The graphics are smooth, the music is fittingly tinny and the overall feel is excellent and fun without being overly dark or gritty. Couple things: I had a hard time getting any of the hotspots to respond when clicking on them. Sometimes just nothing would happen, even if the character wasn't doing anything else. Not sure if that's a bug or a hardware problem on my end, as I was using a trackpad rather than a mouse.

One thing, though: please call the girl something other than "girl". Student, scout, practically any identity would be better. I know it's a minor, relatively trivial thing, but it sticks in my craw to be introduced to a zombie killing team with minimal characterization as "scientist, worker, cop, and the noticeably younger, cuter female character whose only identity is not being a guy".

this is better than infectonator 1 and 2 but also go to options and click on the word mouse to change it to touch