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Reviews for "Infectonator : Survivors"

I love this game but I didn't realize that it automatically ended after 21 days. I also noticed that Armor Games got an update in February, but I'm not sure if the same issue exists for them. Is this a bug or is it intentional? It's still super fun, even if it does end after 21 days.

Meh. I mean, I would like it if it gave you a starting chance, but unless you are lucky enough to find a decent weapon on the first level it won't give you much of a chance. It's more of a frustration simulator than a game, really. I don't like that.

Great Game , Just found a bug where I get stuck in old area when I press go and zombies get invisible ...

I like this game really much ;D
it developes strategy skills and it teaches you decisions such as what can you risk.
it is easier to keep a small group so your people wont starve.
I like the second choice with the swat and gangster.it is good and requires less supplies to keep the group alive....the biggest group i had was 6 and 2 died of starvation and the others had low health so they died on missions..,TIP:it is better to keep a group from 2-5 men(If you have saved some supplies)

You did a good job with this game and it doesnt feel like demo...
I think that you should add more Guns and Characters E.G juggernaut(HIGH HEALTH) Soldier(medium health and attack) Doctor(revives faster and has low health) and stuff like that
OH! and a customizable base with things like diffrent watch towers,walls,fences,house
As i said before NICE game and keep up the good work guys!you have my support

It is a nice mix of infectonator and rebuild