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Reviews for "Infectonator : Survivors"

Game's great yet hard. You have to manage your squad's missions and supplies. Also I found Pewds while I was scavenging XD

My thoughts is this reminds me of rebuild 1 and 2. I hate my objectives in Survivors. You have to use resources to escape the zone before 20 days. I preferred to just try and survive and expand my area to the max amount of the map. (Rebuild 1&2) The only thing Rebuild lacked was the actually missions of going in and gunning/chopping which is available in survivors . It took forever to get the food per day effect + it was horribly flawed possibly not even giving 1 food per day. I questioned if its even worth getting it sometimes. Main base does not even feel like main base. It is just a constant move to place to place. I would like more survivors so I can take more risks and have fun with it. I get to worried about the few survivors and usually will lose someone important for a certain job without good back up choices. The leveling system puts to much on the constant mission takers and not the rest of your party. Any newcomer comes in at level 1 :/. I find it annoying trying to get my team to epic zombie fighting machines when there are so many limitations. I feel the map levels should be noticeable different. Randomly you get sent on a random mission through a free roam building place with no turret opportunities. This building also needs to be noticeable different. It kinda seems lazy to just change the set up just a tad. I think you could also work on a difficulty system so more people can enjoy it to the end. I find this game hard so far. I think I am getting a better hang of it but some things are not clear to me. I would like more clarity about the car. Its funny I completely ignored the car my the couple run through s of the game. I plan to try and mess around with it today but you can make it more clear some things you can achieve or do in your game without making it look like your babying us either. Remember, I only say this because I care enough to comment/review your game. I like it but see much more potential.

Just Wow!
What a game!!!

1st. Zombies are "la moda" ;)
2nd. That pixel art is what we called Mastered
3nd. Very strategic game, made us think (Y)
4th. Very entertaining.

It is a nice mix of infectonator and rebuild

great game