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Reviews for "Going Blind"

poor jake he blind now and at the start of the game it was fun and happy but at the end i fell to the ground and cried

5 stars to a great game, a message well told and of coarse to all our furry family members :)

Well I didnt understant the message fo the game I wanted to understand but Im not really good with subliminar messages sorry dude but I want someone to explain me! I just see a dog getting blind for eating bones and the dogs use more the noose to see than us. And the dogs never see colours dude !! All the time is blank and white so 3 stars because I know there is a touchy message but i didnt get them and so the game didnt complete his purpose for me. I dont know how you go put the message more understanding for peoples like me. So sorry pal for I can not give you more pontuation but I wait and go replay the game and if you find a solution that put me understanding the message. I give you 5 picos

Very powerful game. Really opened my eyes and made me realize how much i take for granite in life. I will be a lot more grateful for everything in life now, especially my beloved dog. this game made me cry.
at first i though it was just a stupid game, but as i played on and beat it, I realized that there is a ton more to it and that i should be a lot more appreciative to everything that i have.
this is a masterpiece. good job :)

beautiful. I love it. I almost cried. I miss my dog so much