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Reviews for "Going Blind"

that was beautiful dude

HeroPower responds:

Thanks Wondermeow! ^_^ I can't believe it has been almost a year and a half since I released this game. My schooling kept me crazy busy (although I was still working on various prototypes and learning Unity as well). I have a lot of ambition for 2016 and have quite a few projects I want to accomplish that year. Actually have a new game in the works that should be out in about a month or so! Hopefully you will enjoy that one as well :)

For all the jerks who keep saying "Dogs can smell really good duh," stop being such pretentious know-it-alls. When dogs age, everything starts to go- their bladder, their sight, their ability to get around, AND their sense of smell. I mean it's just like people. When people get into their elderly years, nothing works like it used to. Don't let these apathetic meanies make you feel bad. My dog is getting pretty old now, and he can't see or smell too well. I know how it's really sad and emotional to see them like that, wishing you could help them. u - u

It was also really mean for people to say you did it just for attention. What a bunch of pessimists. Don't you guys realize that the developer was just expressing their feelings about what was going on in their life? They probably wanted support, while also wanting to relate to people who have also had a pet whose gone through the same thing. And all the remarks of "I didn't feel anything," and "This didn't make me sad," those aren't appropriate things to say to someone whose really upset over their pet. Goodness. . . . People, am I right?

Anyway, Jake is a very beautiful dog. His eyes are just, augh, so precious and adorable. If I may ask, is he still around and if so, how old is he? And is Jake getting along okay?

HeroPower responds:

Hey unpieced! Sorry it took so long to respond to your review (it is really wonderful) I've just been crazy busy (damn studies). Thank you so much for this review! You nailed everything perfectly. Yes, Jake is old and can't smell well and, yes, I didn't make it for attention I just wanted to connect with others - also made it for my mom as it is her dog :)

To answer your question: yes Jake is still around. He is 11 years old. Despite his age and being blind, he is still a really happy dog that loves food haha ^_^

I get the message trying to be sent, but as seeing and playing other sad games this seems to just be a collect the bones game that lets you see less and less making it more challenging. I start as a dog trying to get bones but I see less as I beat a round. Ok. I can't sympathise with the dog because all it does is collect some bones and I don't see anything to make me feel bad for it because I can't experience or realize what is going on making it feel sad. There are no hardships just a dog who sees less. I haven't had anyone with a disability like losing senses as that would relate to this, but this just shows the dogs time of having fun and it doesn't show the difficulties it goes through in everyday life. If this was made in a short time span I could see why it lacks explanation but I'm not given that info. Personally if I saw a blind dog on the street I wouldn't mind it if the owner had it on a leash and it was normal. I would feel a little sorry for the dog but if I saw it not being able to do normal things because it was blind I would feel much worse just seeing the hardships it goes through in everyday life.

dogs and cats r colorblind also great game

This game...the music....the story... This just makes me wanna cry because I feel Jake is having a hard time being blind. -_-