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Reviews for "Going Blind"

Beautiful game, sorry to hear about Jake's struggle. Nice and simple but effective in conveying your message. Love the music as well <3

The music is what really set this off. Paired with a story as simple as this, it's truly beautiful. I'm guessing Jake is your dog, and I really wish you and Jake all the best. This was great.

Great game, I know how it feels since my dog has went blind before.

"Don't Give Up"

Although your message is clear, it sucks to have someone/thing you love suffer from something like blindness, this is not a good game in any way. I understand you never intended for the game to get on the front page, but what people need to realize is when you make a game like this and it gets big, all it does is piss off people who are looking for a fun game to play. I have no intention to insult you in any way, as I understand it isn't your fault your game is big. All I am saying is it's bad to fish for attention like this on Newgrounds, as it will do nothing but piss people off and crush some other people's mood.

HeroPower responds:

Well good sir, I didn't make this game to fish for attention. I made it for my mother and myself. I also uploaded it here to NG because I wanted to connect with fellow gamers on an emotional level through the gameplay. Reading through the reviews for my game I manage to accomplish just that. Sorry you didn't enjoy it.