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Reviews for "Going Blind"

Jake :(

This game is awesome. It is quite simple but it really gets the point across and allows the player to connect with the dog and get some idea of how difficult it must be to struggle with a disability like that. You really get a sense of how simple tasks can become really hard to complete as the illness progresses. I hope Jake is doing okay!

I expected something different from this game and honestly it does not offer much and appears to be simple. Collecting bones seems to be all you do and there is no form of threat or challenge except your vision decreases more over time which becomes more of an irritation since it takes longer for you to collect the bones and see if anything else happens.

lol, i accidently clicked the nose and i got the secret achievement

This was the worst game I have ever seen on the popular page on Newgrounds. How you got popular is because it had a dog in it and all those animal-fucking PETA activists thought this was sad. It's a dog. Get over it.