Reviews for "Phoenotopia"

The controls and the combat are so horrible that it becomes frustrating.

Have to agree on the timing aspect of combat. It's absolutely horrible. The story itself seems nice. The first obstacle in duri forest is just dickish and ensures a death if you don't think. (Hit the switch again.) I try to line up to hit the frog enemies and end up running into them due to sliding with the arrow keys. It looks quite enjoyable, but the wonky movement just ruins it. I suggest taking SKK717's advice and take it down and work on the running. (And it also can't be lag induced because I have a decent computer and these graphics obviously aren't demanding.)

and HOW the hell do you get through the second jump...IT'S FREAKING IMPOSSIBLE

I'm sorry but the controls are horrendous. I can't get the character to stop in doorways or near people. It takes two to three tries to get him/her in the right spot. The reaction time to hit the creatures is slow. I had to give up trying this game because after five minutes I barely made it to the duri forest and couldn't get past the creatures. Might want to take down and retry later.

So This Is A Good Game, But Could You Add A Medal For Increasing Your Health To 1,000? :) Also, This Is The First Review On The Public Release Of This Game.