Reviews for "Phoenotopia"

Had a problem with attacking, binded it with a few buttons to try and fix it but it didn't work. Game is awesome, though. Reminds me of the DS days, you guys should seriously make Wii Games and stuff like that, this kind of stuff is what Wii players love.

Hope you guys go far with Video Game Designing and creation.

how to kil boss in the forest

Setting looks nice enough and art isn't too bad...

But just awful controls destroy the game...

Love the graphics and aesthetic, makes me very nostalgic.

Not a bad game, the story looks promising, and the art is really appealing, controls could be improved (less "fluent" character, for the lack of better word), and combat... Combat is just horrible.
I got to the sunflower road, and was so frustrated from exploring it, that I quit the game, died three times because of the clunky combat, delayed weapon swings, and this weird jumping system.

Maybe I will come back, and try it again later, level design so far was very good, especially the secret at the starting village, really liked it, that's how you should hide secrets in games, not behind destructible walls, indistinguishable from the rest or similar bullshit.