Reviews for "Phoenotopia"

this game dosent even load for me it like the loading bar just stops after a while, i would like to give it stars but because i havent played it i cant but you deserve at least half a star cuz of the loading screen i have tried refreshing it like 10 times.

Quells responds:

Can you try a different browser to see if that gets better results? If you're using Firefox, try Chrome, and vice versa

I can't find the damn stick! It's either that hard to find, or a bug! The graphics are simple but awesome but I can't say no more because I'm still on the first damned part of the storyline

Hooray for your baseball bat having the range of your fist
Hooray for jumps the game obviously wants you to make but cannot even with the bridge extended

your game sucks it's not good enough to make me want to get past that part after three tries there are no obvious ways past it other then jumping off the exact edge which ive tried 3 times

Hooray for Text with basic information ive already figured out that is unskipable

Not a good game.

Got bored and gave up one minute into the game.

It is really a fantastic game and I have had lots of joy with it. I'm giving you a zero for not allowing me to save after beating that eye-robot.