Reviews for "Phoenotopia"

This game is awesome, I've got so involved with the story, I really loved all of this.

This, by far is one of the best free games on Newgrounds that I have played so far in my life. This is a platformer adventure RPG, with a good story and well.. that plot twist at the end tho. Anyway, I enjoyed and have played this over and over again since I first saw this back in 2014. Still waiting for that sequel! I have been following your blog post on tumblr and will definitely buy that game if I saw it on sale!

I like this game to death.

This is possibly my favorite game. I don't even know what to say- It's just amazing. I can't wait for the remake!

I kept looking for this game and I finally found it holy crud :D The gameplay is great I've remembered this game for like 3 years.