Reviews for "Phoenotopia"

To say I love this game would be a massive understatement. This is honestly one of, if not the single best browser game I've ever played!! I've been a fan of Phoenotopia ever since 2015, and I'll definitely be buying the remake if/when it comes out on Steam!

This game is SO good. I come back to it every so often because I can't get it out of my mind. I have fallen in love with this game every time I come back to it ever since 2014. The gameplay is simple and the way it's incorporated with the story is creative and fun. The story itself is great and easily immersible. I recommend this game a lot to others. I love it:) I actually came here to tell you to put this on steam or something because Phoenotopia is so good that I'd be willing to pay for it to support the creator. Then I read that there's a sequel coming out!! I'm so glad. Thank you for making this game and making it free and making it amazing. Looking out for your blog now that I know it exists.

I've finished this game 3 times cause it's just so good, and I actually really like the ending (especially that badass soundtrack!). Super excited for the remake.

the music is awesome´╝üman I love this game!

Game is good, but I been trying to get the last 2 achievements (don't die and speed run) but I have to run Newgrounds Player to play on it will it an add-on to my achievements or no?