Reviews for "Beat Battle VS CrAz3 ~187~"

Cold ass HELL!!!

Yo this is bad to the muthafuckin bone,love it, you guys need to battle more brings the best out of the both of you.

Yeah neva mind the scorin. this is MY opinion.

this beat is hot as fuck, and you won the battle, but just work on not to over-crunk it. it's hot, but work on your background sounds(sirens guns, shit lik dat), and your main sounds(what you want to pop out, like the beat, or the melody). makin good music is like art, don't stick with one thing you comfortable with; explore, and combine different sounds withyour skills and you got a instant diamond.

Hit em hard

no contest, craze aint even on the first page no more [Ndp > Aep]this beat is all that n sum.



Beatbreaker, u really amaze me. I heard aep beats an to b honest.......THEY SUCK MONGOOSE DICK!! I can bust betta beats on DHF than those fuckin aep bitch ass corn beef hash eatin punk mothafuckin ass bitches. I got respect 4 u,man cuz u responded like i would respond......wit a tight vicious hit em hard beat!! Keep it up cuz aep is shot to da ground. I'm wit u all da way along wit Cajete, Reven, an all of NDP. U have
Z-man production's support

GoOd Shit

Good shit u got it good job on this track its funny how tha way we started this halla at me iight 1


P.S Ya NDP niggas need to get a life cuz ya kno AEP is going to own ya