Reviews for "Beat Battle VS CrAz3 ~187~"


fuck aep huh?..nice tag yall niggas done

~187~ is attackin n attackin HARD!!!

Thanks for your vote, Lil-Saynt! You voted 5 for Beat Battle VS CrAz3 ~187~, raising its score from 4.50 to 4.67.

Dawg dis song is intense!! Very Intense!!! all i feel frm dis is agressiveness n HardHittin!! lets see if CrAz3 can respond back to dis! other den dat u got my Vote n my support nigga!! keep it comin bruh! dis is tight!!! CrAz3 aint got nuthin on u!!!!!

b ezy


LOL god lets see him come back from dis nigga dead wit no pulse i guess somebody shoulda kept dey shit closed nice song homie

~`stay on ya grind~`

shits hot

man i love dis shit, nice work, 5/5 n a download, ty