Reviews for "Beat Battle VS CrAz3 ~187~"

Yo mane...dis wuz sum of da illest shit i eva herd

mane..keep comin up with mo shit like dis cuz i like all da gun shotz in da back ground like dat mane.....shhhiiiiit....keep comin up with mo of dis type of shit

yo this shit kick ass

damnnn this shit is ghettoo !


yo! dis shiit off da chain forealz... i dont kno why mutha fuckaz be votin dis shiit down foreal.. i gave u a 5 patna'... u got skill ill give u that... real good, keep shiit comin foreal! get at me sumtime for a collab if u ever peeped my shit


~Lo-Ca$h Produktionz~




What the hell this is shit. Beat is plays it self out, all the little "ahs" and "what you gonna do" is straight ass. All the other speaking kills it too. The drum is "okay" and theres no diversity.

BeAtBrEaKeR187 responds:

yo u got it twisted, this aint crazes beat.


Record deal....

Gettin' one of those, U won't have no problems wit dat